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What We Do:
Established by industry leader International (CSI) is comprised of five divisions: The BCA Pool League, the USA Pool League, BCAPL Rules and Referee Program, Open Event Production and the web-based CueSports Tournament System (CTS).

BCA Pool League: The oldest and second largest pool league out of the U.S., the BCAPL has over 450 leagues and approximately 60,000 members. The BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships, held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada has been called “The Greatest Pool Tournament in the World”.

USA Pool League: CSI launched the USAPL in late 2009. Different from its elder sibling CSI league, the BCAPL – the U.S. Pool League has a national style of league play using the “Fairplay” Handicap System, is exclusively match play style and utilizes the web-based LeagueSys management system
BCAPL Rules and Referee Program: Considered one of the most comprehensive and regarded series of rules in the sport. World renowned billiard historian, author, and rules expert, Mike Shamos said about our rule book, “Official Rules of the BCA Pool League” in an article in Billiards Digest, “I have the feeling that because of their logic the BCAPL rules just may become the dominant rules of the game.” The BCAPL Referee program is an extensive 4-5 day program that includes both classroom and “floor” time in order to achieve official BCAPL Referee status.

Open Event Production: In addition to two league divisions, CSI produces some of the most regarded open (league membership not required) events in the U.S, which include: the Jay Swanson Memorial 9-Ball Tournament, the U.S. Bar Table Championships, the U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship, the U.S. Open One Pocket Championship, and the National Championship Series. The CSI open events are open to both amateur and professional players. Participants have traveled from approximately 19 countries to play in tournaments in this division.

CueSports Tournament System (CTS): CSI has developed a proprietary online tournament system unlike any other in the industry. The CTS has a robust set of features and functionality with plans for additional features in 2011. For a fuller description of CTS, check out page 11 on the marketing presentation to your left titled “CSI”.

Who We Are:
The staff at CSI, led by owner and CEO Mark Griffin, is made up of 11 individuals with the management staff alone having a combined 220+ years in the sports. Below are a few facts about the team at CSI.
• We have held prominent positions within the industry and the sport - outside of CSI including on the BCA Board of Directors, VP of the American Poolplayers Association, Executive Director of Professional Billiards Association, Camel Pro Billiards Tour advisor, and more…

• 6 of us are either BCAPL Advanced or Master level players
• 5 of us have directed major state or national events
• 5 of us have been a retailer in pool equipment and products
• 3 of us have contributed to the design or manufacturing processes of billiard equipment
• 3 of us have owned or managed major pool rooms in the U.S.
• 3 of us collect or have collected cues
• 2 of us have directed and refereed major professional events
• 2. of us are voting members of the U.S. Billiard Media Association (USBMA)


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