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CSI Staff (Left to Right): Bill Stock, Glenna Stock, Tess Vilahu, Cheryl MacLeod, Lucy Alberto, David Vandenberghe, Ozzy Reynolds, Mark Griffin, and Mark Estes.

Not pictured: Ron Guilmette & Steven Quan

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Mark Griffin (CEO)
-- Executive governance
-- Industry relationships

Mark Griffin has a passion for pool far greater than one can imagine. Throughout his life’s experiences, Mark has positioned himself alongside mainstream pool. His every endeavor in pool has been extremely successful and rewarding.

Mark began his excursion into billiards in junior high school in 1959. In just 5 short years Mark was considered the best table mechanic in Alaska and was recognized by the military as a table specialist. Mark actually was allowed to drive the first civilian vehicle over Prudhoe Bay Hall road in order to service the military base’s tables. Mark’s passion for perfection and quality led him to become a partner in Diamond Billiard Products promoting the “Smart Table” which is revolutionizing the coin table industry.

His commitment to excellence is illustrated by what may be the crown jewel of his accomplishments, the Anchorage Billiard Palace, one of the finest rooms in America.  This establishment is furnished with all antique tables and can be seen in the Billiard Encyclopedia on page 202.  Mark owned the 18,000 square foot 2-story Gaslamp Billiard Palace in San Diego, along with two other rooms in San Diego at that time.  Over the years Mark has owned Billiard Centers in Alaska and California and has personally officiated hundreds of tournaments. Mark continues to personally promote and direct the Jay (Swanee) Swanson Memorial, which brings players from all over the country to California each year.

Mark also has had one of the finest cue and memorabilia collections available. Mark had the privilege of owning 36 Gus Szamboti and 16 George Balabuska cues as well as approximately 50 other collectibles.

Mark’s understanding of pool and mastering of the game is evident as he is a BCA Certified Instructor as well as a BCAPL Master Player and a member of the BCA since 1988. In addition to the achievements above, Mark served on the BCA Board of Directors for several years.  It is evident that Mark has worn all hats in our industry and has had great success doing so.  In fact, he was voted #5 Most Influential Person in the Billiard Industry in the last Power Poll survey conducted by Billiards Digest.

Through his journey of over 45 years in business and the business of billiards, Mark has conducted his business dealings with utmost integrity and enthusiasm. All who have had dealings with Mark or have just had a casual conversation with him, experience his genuine sincerity and honesty.

We could go on page after page of accomplishments Mark has experienced in the Billiard Industry. What becomes relevant is the differences he and CueSports International (CSI) can make in the industry. Mark believes that CSI and the direction he wants to pursue will enhance the playing experience and create larger purses for players of all skill levels.

This excursion benefits from a growing staff and leadership that has only one goal in mind for CSI … More Choices for All Players

David Vandenberghe (Chief Operating Officer)
-- Oversight of CSI operations
-- Meeting planning & legal
-- Industry relations

When assembling his CSI team, Mark Griffin had only one name in mind for his Chief Operating Officer (COO) -- David Vandenberghe.

As a player, David started with straight pool and one pocket on 9-foot tables, moved to 9-Ball and 8-Ball on coin-ops, and learned snooker as he traveled in Canada. He later studied 3-Cushion Billiards, eventually playing in national events.

David has been in the billiards industry since the 1960’s and he has had an unwavering dedication to the future growth of billiards. From the 60’s into the 80’s, he built a growing billiard equipment sales and service company, eventually serving much of Northern Illinois. To improve playing conditions for hundreds of new players, he became an amusement machine operator specializing in pool tables. His search for better custom cues eventually led David to build cues with Ray Schuler and Craig Peterson in Chicago.

David has always had a passion for pool tournaments. He was captivated by the action at the Johnston City All-Arounds and mesmerized by the champions at the BCA U.S. Opens of the 60’s and 70’s. He eventually directed over 100 pool tournaments, including national amateur and pro events for APA and Camel Pro Billiards Series.

He has also worked quietly behind the scenes to promote our great sport. He served the American Poolplayers Association during the 80’s and 90’s, first as a League Operator and then as National Tournament Director. David was promoted to APA Vice President and managed the company with dedication and professionalism during his final six years of service there. He administered a men’s pro tour as the first Executive Director of the Professional Billiards Association in the 80’s, and graduated to the marketing (including sponsorship strategies) of pro events as advisor to the Pro Billiards Tour and the Camel Pro Billiards Series in the 90’s.

David has always pursued many other interests, including auto racing, scuba diving, and hiking. In auto racing, he has faithfully followed Formula 1 Grand Prix racing since his first U.S. Grand Prix in 1969, and he served on a team in the SCCA Can-Am pro racing series in the 80’s.He has worked with Mark Griffin for many years, first as National Accounts Manager for Diamond Vending & Promotions and currently as Chief Operating Officer for CueSports International. David’s dedication to the future of our sport will never fade, and he will always remain true to our goal for CSI … More Choices for All Players

Ozzy Reynolds (CSI Manager)
-- General management of CSI divisions
-- Marketing, Advertising & Communications
-- Industry relations

Ozzy Reynolds first played pool in the small fishing town of Oyster, Virginia on a 7-ft table used by watermen to pass the time while waiting for the next tide. At just eight years old, Ozzy was instantly hooked on the game and constantly searched for loose change in order to feed the table and his urge to play. 

By the age of 13, Ozzy was recruited by friends to play on a team in the Eastern Shore Pool League which was comprised of approximately 80 players. By the end of the very first session, Ozzy finished 3rd in the individual rankings and his team took 2nd place overall. The sheer beauty of the game and this early success further fed his desire to compete and improve.
Immediately upon graduating high school in 1996, Ozzy moved to Newport News, Virginia to begin an apprenticeship at the Newport News Shipbuilding Apprentice School. At the age of 18, he was recruited by a fellow player to join a team in a local handicapped league. After two years of league play, Ozzy began looking for stronger competition. He made the switch to 9-ft tables and began playing in regional tour events and engaging in stronger local action. After several years of playing the mid-Atlantic’s best players in regional events, he became one of the stronger players in the Hampton Roads area.
However, in 2002, Ozzy suddenly stopped traveling in order to pursue a college education and start a family with his wife, Ann. For more than 10 years, he worked full-time and attended college at night while helping to raise two small children. In 2009, he earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration (BSBA) from Old Dominion University with a minor in Civil Engineering Technology. By 2012, he earned a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from The College of William & Mary. In January of 2013, he also earned the coveted Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification from The Project Management Institute (PMI®).
Early in 2011, although Ozzy was not quite done with his graduate work at William & Mary, he began to once again crave strong competition. However, at the time, there were no strong regional tours in the mid-Atlantic region. Therefore, he decided to start his own – The Action Pool Tour (APT). After building a website, learning how to live stream, buying equipment and supplies, and soliciting rooms all over the region, he finally had enough committed rooms to launch the APT in June 2011. Since that time, the APT has become one of the most successful regional tours in the country.
Ozzy could be described as a pool fanatic and is 100% dedicated to the betterment of the game at all levels for all players. He joined the CSI team in early 2014 and his outlook is perfectly aligned with the CSI goal … More Choices for All Players.

Glenna Stock (BCA Pool League Administrator)
-- League Operator support
-- League sanctions
-- LeagueSys authorization

In the mid 1970’s the notorious pool bug attached itself to Glenna. At that time Glenna was living in Las Vegas and thought it might be fun to get out and socialize by learning to play pool. From that day forward, as with most of us at CSI, pool became an integral part of her life.

At that time, Glenna held a position with the telephone company in Las Vegas for over seven years as a Fraud Investigator. Her duties were vast and required extreme confidentiality and discretion. In her position, Glenna honed her people skills and perfected her professionalism. Being an extremely demanding and stressful position, Glenna decided to participate in a pool league and found this outlet to be a great countermeasure to her demanding position. A new opportunity presented itself in Alaska and Glenna held a position with GMAC as an account representative for 15 years, further enhancing her people skills.

During those 15 years, she also became more and more involved in the billiard industry. Glenna has participated in many facets of pool from player to BCAPL Team Captain. She also served on the BCAPL Rules Committee in Anchorage Alaska.

Glenna has a complete understanding and working knowledge of the CSI systems and has demonstrated a desire to remain in the industry she has participated in for many years. Her knowledge and skills are irreplaceable and remain valuable assets for our organization.

Bill Stock (Referee Program Director)
-- Rules interpretations
-- Referee certification
-- League Operator support
-- Tournament eligibility & player classification

Bill’s exposure to the “pool world” began in Anchorage Alaska at age 17. From that early start, Bill has worn many hats in the industry and has experienced countless accomplishments.

For instance, Bill is a BCAPL Master Player and has a top 5 finish at the BCAPL team event. One of his most memorable moments in pool is when he had a high run of 138 balls in straight pool in the mid 1980’s. Along with his playing ability and general knowledge of pool, he has won over 20 Alaska State billiard titles.  Bill has also qualified for the professional BCA US Open 14.1 Pocket Billiards Championships in the 1970's and for the US Open 10-Ball Championship in 2010.

Bill’s exposure to pool doesn’t stop there. In the mid 1980’s he served as a referee for the USPPA organization and has also served as Final’s referee at the Reno Open. In addition, Bill was an official Alaska State Tour Referee and Tour Director with heavy experience in running and promoting literally hundreds of tournaments. Along with his referee duties, Bill has extensive training and knowledge with rules interpretation and implementation.

In his earlier years, Bill worked at Great American Billiards in Sacramento as a counterman learning the ins and outs of room management. He also became an expert table mechanic working in Florida for Robertson Billiard Supply and in California for Rebco Pool Tables. Bill’s four decade commitment to the billiard industry is indisputable. He has surrounded most of his adult life with our sport, illustrating his passion for a continued involvement in billiards.

Once again, Mark Griffin’s commitment to CueSports International (CSI) is evident. He will continue to surround the league players and tournament participants with the best personnel available to insure future growth for the sport.

Bill embraces the leadership goals of the CSI and their mission statement  … More Choices for All Players

Tessie Vilahu (New Membership Administrator)
-- League Sanction & Fullfillment
-- Membership Cards & Materials

Tess joined CueSports International (CSI)  in late 2004 as our New Membership Administrator. Tess brings to CSI a wealth of experience from her previous employer, PacBell in the San Francisco Bay area. Tess acted in many capacities within Human Resources and Customer Relations at PacBell, and she worked extensively within the Executive Branch. She managed information streams for important national projects, and is especially proud of her work with PacBell Park, the home of the San Francisco Giants baseball team. She assisted in the logistics surrounding the media launch for PacBell Park and worked extensively to assimilate data for the Public Relations department. In addition, Tess’s experience in interfacing with wireless accounts and working with the Training District of PacBell makes her a perfect fit for CSI New Membership Administrator.

Ron Guilmette (IT Manager)
-- Web Site Administrator
-- Manager
-- League Operator Support

Ron Guilmette is our most versatile staff member.  Ron’s current position as IT Manager is supported by his vast experience, both within and outside the IT industry.  From IBM AS/400 main frame computer systems to forklifts, from telecommunications hardware to accounting, from specialized manufacturing techniques to sales and customer service, it seems like Ron has done it all.  We keep trying to find new ways to stump him, but he always comes back to us with the right answer or a better way.


Ron has worked as a computer operator, merchandise analyst, office manager, web master, computer systems administrator, business owner, warehouse supervisor, and telecommunications hardware installer, just to name a few.


As IT Manager for CueSports International (CSI), Ron supervised the creation and implementation of our new web site and store.  He continues to guide the development and integration of our site and internal CSI Business Management systems with a steady competent hand.


Ron is a quick study, and has absorbed our business quickly, in spite of little to no background in the billiard industry.  He is first to answer incoming calls, and provides customer service to our members and League Operators with great care and professionalism.

Whenever you have a question about our web site or store, or a general question about the League, please feel free to call Ron.

Mark Estes (USA Pool League Manager)
-- LeagueSys Support & Training
-- USAPL License Agreements
-- Marketing & Field Operations

Born and raised in Jewett City, Connecticutt, Mark developed his love of pool while living in Colorado Springs, CO in the late 70's and throughout the 80's. While as a league player, Mark watched the local pool heros Scott Smith, Dave Kikel, Charlie Shootman, JR Harris, Danny Medina, Chuey Riviera to name a few.
It was under the tutelage of Scott Smith, who to this day still works as a tournament director and master of ceremonies for numerous professional pool tournaments, that Mark learned about tournament pool. Over the years Mark has run hundreds of events along with numerous league systems.
Professionally Mark worked his way into management with the Furr's Cafeteria chain from 1977 - 1983. Then in '83 he began his pool and billiards industry career working for Wile's Cue Club. The company developed into the famed midwest pool room, restaurant and bar chain Pink-E's Fun, Food, and Spirits. Mark worked as a General Manager for Pink-E's from 1983 to 2005 in Colorado, Arizona, Nebraska and eventually in Las Vegas, where he managed that location from 1995 - 2005.
All Pink-E's locations featured anywhere from 35-101 pool tables, video games, ping pong, air hockey, in addition to a full service bar, restaurant, and night club with dance floor. Being in the front lines of entertainment customer service for over 20 years, Mark developed his business and people skills by putting emphasis on customer satisfaction. Mark continued his work in the food and beverage industry untill he joined CueSports International in 2007.
Mark has been an accomplished player since the 1980's, and has finished as high as 4th in Men's Open Singles in the BCAPL championships.  He excelled to a memorable 1st place finish in the 2001 Canadian Club Million Dollar Challenge over a nationwide field of 10,000 participants.
While at CSI, Mark has focused his talents and abililties on league system development and expanding the Diamond Billiard Products brand of tables throughout the Las Vegas area bars and restaurants. He started the Las Vegas Tournament Tour and developed a player ranking and rating system to serve events all throughout the area.


Lucy Alberto (New Membership Assistant)
-- League Sanction & Fulfillment
-- Membership Cards & Materials


Lucy joined CueSports International (CSI) in 2013 as a New Membership Assistant. Our 2013 BCAPL National Championships at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino was her first experience with the world's greatest pool tournament, and she enthusiastically embraced the challenges presented at this event. She is fluent in Tagalog, and was very helpful in assisting Filipino players.


Lucy brings many skills to the CSI table from her previous employers, and actively embraces all projects with a positive attitude. She assists in handling our ever growing USA Pool League, and in processing BCA Pool League memberships.


She will most likely be the first person you speak to when calling our office, and you can expect courtesy and efficiency from her.

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